Alexandrous Ballard

Alexandrous (Alex) Ballard brings 40+ years of experience in extreme movement to his teachings.

He became a professional ballet dancer at the age of 17 after beginning his ballet training in New Zealand.  He had a 35+ year career in companies across the USA and Europe.  In addition to performing principal roles with Cleveland San Jose Ballet, Richmond Ballet and Oregon Ballet Theater, he was Faculty at the School of Oregon Ballet Theater, Adjunct Faculty at University of Oregon and Portland State University and was founding faculty at The Portland Ballet where his Mens Program continues to this day.  During 2011-2014, he served as Ballet Master for Canada’s Alberta Ballet.

He trained in the FM Alexander Technique at the Oregon Center for the Alexander Technique, graduating in 2003 and has maintained a teaching practice since.

Alex Ballard was introduced to GYROTONIC® exercise in New York City during the late 1980s and reintroduced to the method while living and working in Canada.  After stepping down from his position at the Alberta Ballet, he returned to Portland, where he completed his pretraining with Erin Munoz and then went on to complete the  Foundation Course with master trainer Emma Kingston.  He is also certified in the Jump and Stretch Board with master trainer Karen Mullen, Gyrotonic Level 2, program 1 with Kathy Van Patton, Mike Luque's Wingmaster course and Gyrotonic applications for Shoulder Girdle with Luca Biasini.


Alex has a lifelong interest in the martial arts with a Nidan in Aikikai Aikido, and a Purple Belt in Gracie Jui-Jitsu.   in addition he has studied intensively Daniel Inosanto's Jeet Kun Do, Muy Thai and Okinawan Karate.   In his spare time he plays classical and finger style guitar and is an amateur dance photographer and an avid cook.